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Bad Boys 2

Movie: Bad Boys 2
Director: Michael Bay
Released: Friday July 19th

Grade: B

Synopsis: Two very funny very violent cops blow lots of shit up, all the while cracking jokes at the expense of the dead bodies they leave behind.

Review: Whoa! Okay so when you see the production credit of Simpson & Bruckheimer alongside the direction credit of Michael Bay, you know you're in for something big.

This was the team behind Bad Boys, The Rock, and Armagaeddon (let's forget Pearl Harbour) and is well known for full-on adrenaline pumping movies.

An added bonus for those of us in Miami is the chance to see the Magic City shot gloriously - not since 'Any Given Sunday' has Miami looked so good on film.

And about the action - this movie definitely takes action to the next level. If there aren't guns firing there are semi-clothed beautiful people, and if they aren't present then there are perfectly timed jokes from the leads.

The basic premise is thin, consisting of a bunch of bad (foreign) guys. As my partner in crime pointed out, pretty much every ethnic minority takes one in the head in this movie, from Haitians to Russians to Cubans. Especially Cubans.

However it's all done with such immaculate style that you can't help but revel in the total carnage up on screen.

And as to why they closed the McArthur Causeway, well judge for yourself whether it was worth it. Personally I think this will do a lot of good for Miami in terms of raising the city's profile again.

Both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are on top form, and one of my favorite scenes is their greeting to a suitor of Lawrence's fifteen year old daughter. Classic stuff.

This is probably one of the summer's finest popcorn flicks. Nothing deep to discuss after the movie, but eye-popping action throughout. Be warned though, you may need Valium after seeing this...

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