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Jaime Pressly

On July 30, 1977, in Kinston, North Carolina, one of the most beautiful women was brought into the world. She grew up in North Carolina. As a kid she had Ricky Schroder and Ralph Macchio all over her room. Finally, at 15, she was legally emancipated from her parents.

At that point in her life, she had spent eleven years training for gymnastics, but she broke through, however, in the modeling world. Her face has graced the cover of Teen Magazine, and she toured the US, Italy, and Japan doing modeling work. Perhaps her most well-known modeling work was in the pages of Playboy.

Her acting career stemmed off of her work as a model. Her career, has seen her in a variety of roles, but always the focus of the scene. She had a role in the Poison Ivy series (which has also featured Alyssa Milano and Drew Barrymore). In fact, her role in the series was offered after her work as Barrymore's body double. In the Jennifer Love Hewitt vehicle Can't Hardly Wait, Pressly was the one who caught everyone's eye, an impressive feat. She also has a recurring role on the television show Jack & Jill (with Amanda Peet), as Audrey. Of her character, Pressly says she is "absolutely" similar "except for the sleeping with all the guys."

But, Pressly doesn't want to be a Hollywood gal. "I don't want to be the Hollywood girl...I'm Southern and old-fashioned," says Pressly. As far as her love life goes, Pressly has been steadily dating. The possibility of marrying an actor? "I don't care to date an actor as long as I live." In fact, she doesn't even like love scenes with her costars. She feels that even a stage kiss is too intimate.

Torque (2003)--China
The Karate Dog (2003)--Ashley Wilkens (aka Unleashed)
Footprints (2002)
The Johnny Chronicles (2002) (TV)--Charlie
Demon Island (2002)--Tina (aka Pinata: Survival Island)
Not Another Teen Movie (2001)--Priscilla
Ticker (2001)
Joe Dirt (2001)--Jill Dirt
Tomcats (2001)--Tricia
Pinata (2000)--Tina
100 Girls (2000)--Cynthia, The Goddess
Poor White Trash (2000)--Sandy Lake
Best Actress (2000) (TV)--Karen Kroll
Jack & Jill (1999) TV Series--Audrey Griffin
Coyote Moon (1999)--Dottie
Trash (1999)--C.J. Callum
Ringmaster (1998)--Angel Zorzak
Hollywood Squares (1998) TV Series
Can't Hardly Wait (1998)--Girlfriend #1 (Beth)
Push (1998) TV Series--Nikki Lang
Against the Law (1997)--Sally
Journey: Absolution, The (1997)--Allison
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction (1997)--Violet
Mercenary (1997) (TV)--Pre-teen American Girl

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