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Ashley Judd

ashley judd comes from one of the more preeminent families in the entertainment industry, but ashley judd has tried her hardest to find her own path - and has done so to much acclaim. ashley judd is quickly amassing enough Hollywood clout to rival her mother and sister’s Country music fame. The Judd family did not always have an easy life; they grew up dirt poor in Kentucky while mother Naomi and daughter Wynonna attempted to make it as singers. They moved around the State often, never remaining in the same home for long. The family made ends meet by growing their own vegetables and making their own soap and they seldom had any running water or electricity. However, when mom and sis finally got their break, it opened up whole new doors for young ashley judd .

ashley judd had always been a sensitive and intelligent child with an active imagination (which ashley judd needed to get by). When the family finally had some cash, ashley judd was able to attend the University of Kentucky, where ashley judd studied French and graduated with honors in 1990. Even today, ashley judd has the reputation of an intelligent and verbose celebrity with just the right dash of southern charm.
When school was done, ashley judd flirted with the idea of becoming a Peace Corps volunteer, but instead took Wynona’s advice and headed to Hollywood. Although ashley judd was new on the scene, it didn’t take her long to find work. ashley judd impressed casting agents with her charm and radiant confidence. The first role ashley judd was offered was in Christian Slater’s Kuffs, but ashley judd surprisingly turned it down due to the required nude scene. The producers were impressed with her moxy and offered another minor role instead so that ashley judd could get her SAG card.

Since then, ashley judd has continued to impress, taking roles selectively and carefully managing her career. ashley judd has turned down roles in films starring her mom and sister in order to distance herself from their fame, but has earned it in her own right. Judd has quickly become both a darling of the critics and of audiences after roles in films like Smoke and Heat. ashley judd also won an Independent Spirit Award for her role in 1993's Ruby in Paradise. A romantic at heart, ashley judd has already purchased her dream house. It is an old home which ashley judd intends to remodel with C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia as her inspiration; in other words, full of cubby holes and secret nooks and crannies. So far, ashley judd hasn’t found that special someone to settle down with, but ashley judd has been romantically linked with everyone from Robert De Niro to Michael Bolton - with a high profile tryst with Matthew McConaughey somewhere in between.

Birth Name: Ashley Tyler Judd
Birthdate: April 19, 1968
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Horoscope: Aries
Occupation: Actor
Education: University of Kentucky; B.A.; French; Phi Beta Kappa
Playhouse West School and Theater Company, Los Angeles, California
Significant Other(s):
Married: Dario Franchitti, professional race-car driver; born 1973; married December 2001
Brady Anderson, Major League Baseball Player
Michael Bolton, singer; had on-again, off-again relationship
Matthew McConaughey, actor
Lyle Lovett, actor, singer; dated in early '90s

Father: Michael Ciminella, marketing specialist; divorced from Naomi Judd 1972
Mother: Naomi Judd (aka Diana Judd), singer; former member of the Judds; stopped performing due to chronic illness
Sister: Wynonna Judd (aka Christina Claire Judd), singer; born 1964; married Arch Kelley III January 20, 1996; divorced November 1998

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Till Death Us Do Part (1992) (TV) .... Gwen Fox
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"Sisters" (1991) TV Series .... Reed Lyn Halsey Philby (1991-1994)


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